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California Cowboy

Since 1849, adventurers and pioneers have converged in California, often risking their lives as they sought their future.  In those days, the pioneers were looking for gold.

More recently, our state became home to a different kind of pioneer: Cowboys who have revolutionized sports, film, music, and technology. We consider ourselves social Cowboys.  We’re brave enough to cut the cord for a bit to ensure we embrace the now, and live for life’s toes in the sand moments.  We believe that Cowboy lives in all of us.

As industry veterans, we know that the story for most product design goes like this: “We need to make a shirt, so let’s design it like this.”  That design thinking is backwards. We ask questions;  What’s important to you in your life when you’re wearing our product?  What do you want to say to the world today?  With our customer at the center of our process, we deliver superior, distinctive, and more thoughtfully designed products.

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